At What Age Do I Need To Start Home Educating?

I know you’re dedicated to providing the best learning and development for your child.  

You want to raise happy self motivated learners, who are emotionally secure and who are God-conscious. The big question: when is the right time to start? 
 I understand, you want to wait for school-age and just go with the flow until then. Home education and starting it is a daunting feeling!  

Today we’re going to talk about when do children start learning, and when is the right time for you to get confident in how to home educate/homeschool.

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The ‘school age’ myth

School age however looks different around the world, and your child is already laying important foundations before 'school-age' even comes. We all have a perception of when children will start learning and it usually coincides with the time we have to officially say no to a nursery or school. That’s the time if feels official and subconsciously we think children start learning at school-age. The school age however is a socially constructed idea. The school starting age looks different in different countries. Here in the UK, children as young as 4 are entering school. Here’s why you shouldn’t rely on a school-age.  

Neurons fire and wire even before birth.  
 Believe it or not, children begin to learn when they are babies, still a small foetus in their mother’s womb. Many studies have shown a baby’s ability to start recognising sounds, and start to grasp the dynamics of language before they are even born. After they are born, the process of learning is rapid and in their initial years, especially the years 0-7, children are laying the foundation for their life to come.  

What pathways are you creating for your child right now? 
 Knowing our child is learning from day zero, we may assume well we should be teaching them to read, write and count right from the beginning right? Early academic instruction has harmful effects on young children. Subjects like math, reading and writing all have foundations. Are you aware of them? Before a child learns to write, they need to know that language carries meaning. Before a child can count, they need to grasp mathematical thinking. So to think that children will start learning at “school age” and we need to jump to the reading and writing if they aren’t, both are myths.  

 What vision do you have for your child? 
Now that we have established that children are creating neural pathways in their brain from day one, my question to you is what kind of individual do you want to raise, and how are you going to do it?Is creating ‘information carries’ one of them? Or a self motivated learner who loves to learn, explore and follow their interests?How are you going to make sure they are gaining the skills in math, reading, writing in the most organic way, suited to their nature. And what about their emotional, social and spiritual development?I know that as a concerned mum, you believe that your child deserves the BEST environment and support to live the best possible life in this world. And it all starts with what foundation they are laying in the first seven years of their life.Yes, your child is special. Yes, your child is bright and capable. Yes, your child can thrive with you because only you can create the environment you need to help you reach your goals for them, in all areas.I’ve seen far too many mums think they are not enough to home educate. The truth is, you are more than enough, and with the right support, you too will be able to give your child the best foundation in life.   
 It’s easier to give our future self a responsibility 
There is another reason for why we hang on to the ‘school age’. It feels easier to push back all the things we’ve got to figure out. It is daunting to figure home education out. Yes. It is so much easier to give our future self a responsibility that feels hard to take on now. Not only is there so much to figure out, it can be quite daunting to officially take responsibility of our child’s learning and development. I am here to tell you that the day your child came into your life, is the day you became responsible and you are so capable of raising your whole child, in every way. You just need to get that confidence back by finding out exactly what you need to do. I’m here to help you do that.     

 I’m here to help 
I have been helping mums get the confidence they need to start home educating to reach their goal of raising self-motivated learners who are happy, and not merely information carriers. If you want to work with me to find out how you can raise self motivated, who is happy and lay a solid foundation for the skills in math reading and writing, including their faith, then book yourself a call with me. You’ll gain massive clarity on how you can support your child.It’s not for everyone though.If you’re dedicated in raising self-motivated, happy, life long learners and have a child under 7, then it’s for you. This call is not for those who are quarantine-schooling because of closures, it’s for those who want to home educate beyond it.Let’s get on the phone and figure out what you’re struggling with, and help you get clear on a roadmap ahead. If I can help you get there, I will absolutely show you how. If I can’t help you, I’ll steer you elsewhere. Once you go to the link, choose a time that suits you and you’ll be taken to a questionnaire to fill out to inform our discussion. Fill it in and I’ll call you at the time you choose. 

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