Whether you are convinced you want to homeschool and want to get clear on how to go about raising an Outstanding Little Muslim, or have been thinking about homeschooling for a while but not really sure how to start, either way we can help.

I know it sounds impossible to have your little child happy, socially and emotionally secure, God-conscious, having leadership skills, meaningful relationships, alongside academic success all without a curriculum or any activities. 

All whilst they are playing all the time, what seems like pulling the house apart, emptying your cupboards, and smearing their food everywhere, but I have clients who are raising outstanding little Muslims despite this, and I’m going to show you how you can get those results for your child too.

How to raise outstanding little Muslims through your homeschool even if you don’t have a background in teaching.

How to develop your child’s skill in math, reading and writing in a way that is in line with their innate nature, without endless tedious activities.

How to utilize your environment in a way that will encourage self directed, life long learning.

We’re going to get you clear on what your role is as a homeschooling Muslim mother to bring out the best in you and your child.

We’re going to cover how you can cultivate a consciousness and a beautiful love for Allah swt in your child from a young age without the need of endless memorization, and strain learning the Arabic language.

We’re going to cover how you can show up for your child and deepen your bond with your child even when you feel you often end up yelling.

How to make time for your wellbeing even if your child is with you all the time.

And we show you how you too can do all this without needing a curriculum or constantly search for and organise endless activities, find different ways to engage your child, and all that other stuff that you can find too much to do.

We only work with mums who: 

1. Want to homeschool their child under 7

2. Are 100% ready to commit to the strategy that will help you raise Outstanding Little Muslims in your homeschool

3. believe finding the right strategy to homeschool is a must for them now, not just a nice thing to do ‘one day’.

If this is you, then watch our training now: